What time is it? It's Clean Comedy Time!
It's Clean Comedy Time!

Kara Coraci, is a high energy, metro Detroit comedian who pokes fun at everything from step parenting to working for The Jerry Springer Show.

Simon Carlson is a comedian from Grand Rapids, MI. As a finalist in the Funniest Person in Grand Rapids competition, he's quickly become one of the best losers in town.

Mark James Heath is a poet and comedian who partners with community organizations to create events, workshops, and fundraisers to better serve Chicago and the world.

Brian Atkinson is a comedian, all-around nice guy, and a horrible person. His good guy persona often gives way to surprising twists that will keep you laughing.

Known as The Unemployed Alcoholic, Aaron helps people laugh while sharing about recovery and purpose.

Special Guest

Mark James Heath

Mark James Heath is a poet/comedian/actor who has been featured in 2015 Chicago Comedy Expo, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and the 2016’s Second City/NBC Universal Breakout Comedy Festival.

The only thing as good as the show? The drink you have after


A few short steps from the Listening Room is One Twenty Three—our neighborly New American Tavern, serving hearty dishes with modern flare.