"Genre nonconformist folk-rock with a hearty sense of humor and a fearless take on human sexuality"
Like the singer-songwriters she admires, Carsie Blanton is making folk-based music that prizes wordplay and an antic sense of humor. You can hear jazz, Motown and power pop in her melodies and phrasing, which makes her stuff delightfully surprising but doesn't help her in commercial categorization.

Carsie Blanton has a high voice that floats up into curly Qs of pointed pleasure. Her tone never becomes cute because she phrases with such purpose. And what she's talking about is almost always earthy if not downright down and dirty.

Special Guest

Austin Benzing

Forged in the hills of the Manistee National Forest, Austin Benzing picked up a guitar at age 10 and started writing songs as a young teen. With influences as varied as country’s George Jones, heavy metal’s Metallica, bluegrass’ Punch Brothers, jazz’s Julian Lage and the jam band Umphrey’s McGee, Benzing has not surprisingly delved into diverse musical stylings in recent years. Austin’s debut album “Steady Your Nerves,” officially released on Sept. 25. 2021. Driven by the belief that music can genuinely help and heal people, you can be sure there is heart and soul in every release from Austin Benzing.

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