"It's hard to find an artist as open-hearted as Flint Eastwood's Jax Anderson."
Jax Anderson (previously known as “Flint Eastwood”) is an alt-pop artist from Detroit, Michigan who has built an international audience by writing great songs and touring with the tireless work ethic that her city is famous for. She is known for her unapologetic fierceness as much as her kindness and smile. She champions authenticity in a world filled with fake news, and plants seeds of empathy in a world that constantly tries to separate us. She exemplifies strong female leadership in a world that still struggles to accept female leaders, and she believes that hope and love are the only way to combat widespread cynicism and hate. She’s a consummate creative who does her own photography, videography, and wardrobe. She’s really a boss bitch.

Special Guest

Tiny Jag

New Detroit alt-pop artist Tiny Jag spent her childhood moving back and forth between the streets of Detroit's east side and her family's unlikely farm in Kentucky. With childhood influences ranging from Spice Girls to Limp Bizkit, her artistic vision is an unprecedented collision of MIA's avant-pop aesthetic, Santigold's melodic sensibility, and Rico Nasty's zero-fucks iconoclasm.

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