NPR Theme Composer BJ Leiderman & Kenny White embark on The Piano/Piano Tour
Two parallel musical paths; one a studio mainstay in NY, producing a handful of albums as well as hundreds of TV and radio “jingles,” the other broadly known as the composer behind so many of the NPR shows that have been woven into the American tapestry, those parallel paths of Kenny White and BJ Leiderman have now intersected. Both having grown up in front of the piano, they have decided to merge their talents and join forces at center stage. The concerts will be a triptych of songs, the stories behind them, and mutual piano prowess (with some guitar, too!). Kenny and BJ will perform solo and with each other, and will hope to provide through this musical odyssey the answer to, “What took them so long to get here?”

The only thing as good as the show? The drink you have after


A few short steps from the Listening Room is One Twenty Three—our neighborly New American Tavern, serving hearty dishes with modern flare.