“I’m thrilled to be on the ground floor of what promises to be an exciting ride in the music industry for this talented songwriter.”
Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, young songwriter Olivia Millerschin is hard at work to release new music in 2020, through a grant awarded by streaming service, Tidal, under her new artist name, Olivia Dear.
After a decade-long career under her birth name, Dear explains the change: “When I started writing original music, I was 14-years-old and, naturally, I used my family name. ‘Millerschin’ is A LOT but it never occurred to me that I could go by any other name. Now, ten years later, I’ve been given the funding and time to think about and rebrand everything. My grandma, who signed me up for my first gig, has always greeted me as ‘Olivia Dear.’ If it’s good enough for grandma, it’s good enough.”
Now 25-years-old, Olivia plays 150+ shows annually, spanning from Los Angeles to London, and from living rooms to concert halls. She’s headlined The Chapel at Masonic Temple in Detroit, Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta, Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, and has toured through countless other iconic venues nationwide. Whether performing solo or with her band, the live show environment allows Olivia’s celestial vocals, nostalgic lyricism, and vibrant personality to shine and make audiences feel right at home.

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Special Guest

Josh Rose

Josh grew up in the northern woodlands and fine tuned his songwriting in the borderlands. He has spent the past ten years touring the midwest, teaching, writing, and creating a rich body of work. Josh is the type of writer who labors over every word and wants his songs to be injected into the listener's permanent being. After his two previous studio albums, Firework Letdown and Slow Bloom, Josh is more than pleased to bring you Old Laminate.

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