"It’s rare that an artist puts together such a solid first offering as Lee has with this album of original music." -Corey Christiansen
After 20 years of paying dues as a regional musician in multiple locations around the US, guitarist Lee Hearspink releases his debut album Monsters’ Impromptu featuring a powerhouse band of Michigan-based talent, including organist Jim Alfredson, drummer Randy Marsh, saxophonist Caleb Elzinga, and keyboardist Dutcher Snedeker. While Heerspink’s music leans toward the jazz-funk genre of artists like Soulive, Medeski Martin and Wood, John Scofield, Galactic, and Organissimo, he manages to retain an authentic sound that is playfully melodic, hard-grooving, and full of intriguing sonic character. Originally inspired by playing monster with his two young sons, Heerspink creates the same fun and childlike energy throughout each of his seven original compositions on Monsters’ Impromptu.

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