Grand Rapids' residential funny bald boy is sharing his"Ottobiography"
My name is Otto Dittrich and I am leaving for an Army deployment in the end of September. I am excited for this new chapter of my life but will severely miss the one I have here. My hopes of this show is to be able to gather as many people that I have met in my lifetime and be their reason for laughing one more time. I've only been doing standup comedy for 9 months but I feel like I've been a comedian my entire life, I have lived such an amazing life with all of the people I've ever met and would love to return the joy that was meeting them with stories of my life in a comedic format. From stories from the Army, real estate, biracial upbringing and being the only Mexican to get sunburnt through a window glare.

The only thing as good as the show? The drink you have after


A few short steps from the Listening Room is One Twenty Three—our neighborly New American Tavern, serving hearty dishes with modern flare.