“The Crane Wives are becoming a staple in the conversation about Michigan."

Presented by: Red House Concerts Series

In Japanese folklore, the crane wife is a bird disguised as a woman who spins fine silks from her own feathers, until her identity is discovered. The Crane Wives spin fine songs from whole cloth, and you will never want the melodies to leave your head. From murky origins in Chinese restaurants, high school ska bands, and dorm room jam sessions, the band came together in 2010 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and immediately began gathering a following with intricate melodies, sister-harmonies, and compelling songcraft. Initially part of the indie folk boom, their sound has grown and broadened with each new recording till categorization becomes difficult: rock, pop, folk? Just call it really good music.

Special Guest

Political Lizard

Political Lizard, started by Caleb Waldvogel and Jenna Olson first entered the music scene in May, 2018. Beginning to write and perform music at local venues soon created quite a buzz in Grand Rapids and beyond. In the summer of 2018, after only four months of being together, Political Lizard joined The Accidentals on a tour of Northern Michigan. In Fall of 2018 John Bomer (multi-instrumentalist) and Miles Ferguson (drummer) joined the band, transitioning the sound from acoustic folk to soft rock. In February 2019, Political Lizard released their debut album "Joy the Dog" (available for streaming everywhere). Political Lizard continues to tour, growing their fanbase and sharing the sounds of passion, sadness, and more.

The only thing as good as the show? The drink you have after


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